Kindergartens, schools, and lycees nearby


Developed social infrastructure in walking distance

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Nearby schools intelligently combine innovations and educational traditions in the curriculum.

GloraX City Zanevsky is located in an area with a developed social infrastructure, providing access to the best public institutions. There’re over 10 public and private schools within a 20-minute walk.


- Lycee #533 is in the top 30 best schools of Russia and in the top 10 best schools of St. Petersburg (2021) and has the status of a federal innovation site. Lyceum #533 is the winner of a competition of educational institutions under the priority national project Education.


- In School #490, kids study foreign languages in depth and regularly win in various competitions and Olympiads.


- In School #491 with a mathematic bias, all conditions for the education of intellectually gifted kids with a high cognitive activity have been created.


- School #639 with a profound study of foreign languages is a holder of a certificate of full international accreditation by the State Education Committee to fulfill the ICSE program.


- Just 10 minutes walk is a German private gymnasium Peterschule with a philological bias, whose students are the winners of all-Russian academic competitions every year.


- An elite private school combining full-time and distance learning, Epishkola, is located 7 min away from the complex. Its advantage are individual training programs and no marks.


- Of particular note is School #152 after T. A. Apakidze, a hero of the Russian Federation. The school teaches the Finnish language, also with individual and group training programs for kids and teenagers

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For the little residents who are too young to go to school, there’re landscaped kindergartens 1 km away: Nos. 1, 7, 9, 15, 16, and 67. Some of these kindergartens have a speech therapy focus.