Fee - development

Our company provides external developer services. We carry out a project by order of an investor or land owner for a free.
For whom the service may be of interest

The use of the free-development scheme

is profitable for the owners of land plots, companies and investors who do not have their own resources

for project implementation

and the necessary

development experience.

Composition of free-developer services
Land plot owners can greatly increase project profitability by engaging free developers.
1. Project organization

Analysis of the most effective property use

Concept formation

Analysis, evaluation of project risks (risk matrix) and the development of response/minimization means

Project fund raising

Development of the project implementation schedule

2. Development of urban planning documentation

Obtaining/determining the project’s technical feasibility study

Draft design development

Development and approval of initial approvals

3. Design

Organization of architectural concept development, AUPI (architectural and urban planning project image)

Organization of design documentation development as the general contractor

Obtaining a positive opinion of design documentation review

Obtaining specifications, terms of connection to engineering networks

Obtaining a construction permit

4. Construction

Organization of tenders for construction works and general contractor selection

Project implementation control (terms, quality, budget)

Project commissioning to the state commission and operating organization, obtaining a finding of compliance and WAH

Registration of legal rights to the property

Over the past few years,

interest in the free development market has increased.

On the one hand, it’s due to the introduction of escrow accounts and complicated access to project financing. On the other hand, it’s increased competition in the sector and reduced margin of the development business. Land plot owners, often non-core, attracting free developers, can greatly increase project profitability.
Denis Lebedev
VP for Investments and GR

Realize your project with the free-development program

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