Smart Home


GloraX Aura Belorusskaya is a premium project that uses modern technical solutions designed to create maximum comfort and provide unsurpassed security.


The Smart Home and Smart Apartment systems ensure the coordinated work of all engineering systems and control power, climate, lighting, and household appliances, which for the residents means maximum comfort and safety in everyday life.

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In the Aura projects, the innovative wireless system Smart Home is presented in the widest configuration.

The system is responsible for everything that happens in the building and the surrounding area and allows you to control engineering functions, technological, emergency and security sensors, as well as security and access control systems.


Collective IP video surveillance of the perimeter


Video intercom


Biometric Face ID access to the entrance and underground parking lot


Remote opening of the entrance and parking lot via app


System of the recognition of license plates at the entrance to the parking lot. Management of car spaces: granting access, purchase


Energy accounting, monitoring and management via app


Seamless Wi-Fi throughout the complex including the parking lot and elevators


Smart elevator: calling the elevator to a specific storey in the user's app; monitoring elevator status (occupancy, storey)

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It's an integrated system that makes everyday life easier.

With the help of the Smart Home, the residents can access the surveillance cameras at any time, for example, they can always see what’s happening in the courtyard or who is ringing at the doorbell.


The system also provides for the remote opening of the doors for guests or delivery people, and energy accounting sensors allow you to save more energy and will inform you if you need to save or overspend.

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Efficiency in living comfort

Make your home more comfortable and safer, entrust the management of household chores to the innovative Smart Apartment system, which is responsible for comfort and safety and controls devices in your apartment through an app or voice assistant.


The leak controller sends notification of a leak and sends a signal to the ball valve.


The ball valve cuts off water supply if a leak is detected.


The door opening sensor detects the opening of the front door.


The IP camera in the hallway transmits images from the camera to the app.


The electronic radiator thermostat sets temperature scenarios in each room.


The control relay allows you to turn lights and outlets on and off throughout the apartment.


The smart switch controls lights and brightness.


The multi-sensor monitors temperature, humidity, and luminance.


The smart speaker provides additional voice control.

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Automated control system of all household appliances integrated into a single ecosystem

If necessary, smart sensors will themselves shut off water or disconnect the emergency section of the power grid, notifying you of the incident through the app. The Smart Apartment also lets you check to see if you turned off the iron when you left home or what the kids are doing in your absence.


The video surveillance cameras in the apartment can always keep an eye on things, even on vacation, and the door-opening sensors are constantly on guard for the security of your apartment.


The high-tech Smart Apartment system allows you to optionally set up and connect the necessary additional functionality according to your wishes and needs, for example: a convenient lighting or household appliance operation scenario, open and close the curtains, turn the lights on and off, warm up the kettle for breakfast or by the arrival of guests.

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All the functions are integrated into the GloraX superapp and controlled via your app.

The system is easily integrated with interactive home assistants and supports third-party services, such as all Yandex services.


Through the GloraX app, the residents interact with the management company, pay for utilities and additional services, and, if desired, communicate with their neighbors.